Goodbye Old Friends - Hello New!

Today I made some small updates to our website. I removed some wines that have been sold out. While I should be ecstatic that people love and buy our wines, I'm also a little sad knowing that these sold out wines are no longer available to the public. We do hold a couple of cases of old vintages in reserve for wine club events, but that's a tangent for another post.

Our 2nd Rosé was a huge hit. We released it this summer and it's already gone! On a hot day like today, I know we could have sold more. We also sold out of our 2012 Petite Sirah, Tempranillo and 2010 Viognier.

Yes, it's sad when when they're gone. But we bottled our 2013 vintages last week and I'm jumping for joy at how amazing these wines are already! While we allow them to bottle age, it's hard not to keep myself from opening them. The new Sauvignon Blanc (our first) is spectacular and the Viognier is heavenly.

Looking forward, I'm incredibly excited about the new line up of wines. Rick Hill is an amazing wine maker and he again knocked another vintage out of the park! You'll love them and now that I'm no longer sad, I'm going to go "QC" that Viognier now...

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