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Cork Reindeer

For our November Craft & Wine Night, attendees "upcycled" used wine corks to make these adorable cork reindeer. Because the class sold out, we're shaing the instructions along with a couple of pics. If you've questions regarding this project, give Eddie a call in the tasting room at 805-585-2238.

Reindeer Herd.JPG


Materials Needed:

  • Wine, wine glass and opener

  • 3 wine corks

  • Pipe cleaners, brown (antlers)

  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks

  • Small red pom pom (nose)

  • Ribbon

  • 1 knife

  • Googly eyes

  • Eye screw

  • Large brown pipe cleaner (tail)

  • Small bells

Warning! The glue and tip of the glue gun are EXTREMELY hot! It burns like the dickens! The glue cools quickly, so once applied hold pieces to gether for 5 seconds and they should be bonded.


1. Take a deep breath, sip some wine and feel the stress leave your body

2. Cut corks

a. Cut 1 wine cork in half (will be legs)

b. Cut a small notch in a different wine cork (will be body and notch is where 3rd cork / head is glued)

3. Hot glue body to legs (notch up) and then head to body (head into notch)

4. Take a sip of wine

5. Cut brown pipe cleaner in half. Each pipe cleaner makes 2 antlers

a. Fold each half in half; add kinks as desired

6. Take a sip of wine

7. Cut small snippet off off Lg pipe cleaner (tail). We used a "Giant Chenille Pipe Cleaner" from the craft store for the tails.

8. Hot glue tail to body

9. Hot glue googly eyes and nose

HINT: place 2 small dabs of hot glue to where you think the eyes, then place eyes atop glue

10. Take a sip of wine

11. Attach eye screw to back and run ribbon through it

12. Run ribbon or string through bell and tie around reindeer’s neck

13. Hot glue antlers

14. Take a sip of wine and pour another glass

15. To make this a Christmas tree ornament, screw an eye-screw to the back and run ribbon through it

Here is a picture from class. Here we used some ribbon to make a scarf and hot glued a bell to it!

Get crafty and have fun!

Reindeer from class.JPG

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