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2012 HAKA Pinot Noir - Wine of the Month!


Of course we'd select a Pinot Noir for November simply because this is the wine that we will be pouring at our Thanksgiving Dinner!

Why Pinot Noir?

It's incredilbly food-friendly with soft tannins and a fresh burst of tart cherry acidity to cut through rich dishes. The herbal notes compliment all the seasonings and herbs (thyme, sage) you'll use in your Thanksgiving fest. The earthiness of Pinot Noir will bring out the best of your turkey gravy, stuffing and of course, the turkey itself!

Our 2012 HAKA Pinot Noir was a 2 barrel selection we decided to bottle under the HAKA label because of its bold, berry notes and bigger structure and mouthfeel. On the nose, it expresses aromas of red liquorice, vanilla black cherry liquoer & mocha. On the palette, you'll enjoy concentrated black cherry & satsuma plum.

Order yours now to assure delivery for Thanksgiving AND get 20% off each bottle throughout November!

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