Allergic to Wine?

In the tasting room, occasionally someone will tell us, “I’m allergic to wine”. I found this intriguing, so I did some research. It’s rare, but there is a small group of sensitive people who are allergic to wine. Here's what I learned. I hope you find this informative. To very sensitive people, there is something in wine that poses a real health risk! They’ll develop wine intolerance-like symptoms after drinking just a single glass of wine. Typically, these symptoms are associated only with red wines. These people may have headaches, rashes, diarrhea and/or nausea. They can also have life threatening symptoms such as a difficulty in shortness of breath and constriction of airway passa

Wine of the Month - July 2015 HAKA Rosé

Wine of the Month: 2015 Rosé Enjoy this fabulous wine this month for 20% off our regular retail price! Made via the classic Saignée method, our Rosé is made from a blend of Cabernet Franc and Zinfandel. This is what we drink when the summer sun is full! It has aromas of ripe sautéed strawberries with overtones of watermelon and ripe red cherries. This bold and refreshing Rosé displays flavors of red summer fruits. Pair with... almost anything! Salads, cold veggies, rice dishes, pork, chicken, seafood and spicy dishes such as Indian curries.

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