Cork Reindeer

For our November Craft & Wine Night, attendees "upcycled" used wine corks to make these adorable cork reindeer. Because the class sold out, we're shaing the instructions along with a couple of pics. If you've questions regarding this project, give Eddie a call in the tasting room at 805-585-2238. CORK REINDEER Materials Needed: Wine, wine glass and opener 3 wine corks Pipe cleaners, brown (antlers) Hot glue gun & glue sticks Small red pom pom (nose) Ribbon 1 knife Googly eyes Eye screw Large brown pipe cleaner (tail) Small bells Warning! The glue and tip of the glue gun are EXTREMELY hot! It burns like the dickens! The glue cools quickly, so once applied hold pieces to gether for 5 seco

2012 HAKA Pinot Noir - Wine of the Month!

NOVEMBER'S WINE OF THE MONTH Of course we'd select a Pinot Noir for November simply because this is the wine that we will be pouring at our Thanksgiving Dinner! Why Pinot Noir? It's incredilbly food-friendly with soft tannins and a fresh burst of tart cherry acidity to cut through rich dishes. The herbal notes compliment all the seasonings and herbs (thyme, sage) you'll use in your Thanksgiving fest. The earthiness of Pinot Noir will bring out the best of your turkey gravy, stuffing and of course, the turkey itself! Our 2012 HAKA Pinot Noir was a 2 barrel selection we decided to bottle under the HAKA label because of its bold, berry notes and bigger structure and mouthfeel. On the nose, it

Cherry Wood Client Appreciation 141009

A great way to say "Thank You" is to invite your clients for wine tasting and appetizers. And in that vein, we must thank Krista Cherry and Gina Wood (the dynamic duo of reality) for their patronage and this amazing video! We appreciate you trusting us to serve your clients and look forward to working with you in the future. Cheers!

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