Cuveé Stephanie - WOM for October

OCTOBER'S WINE OF THE MONTH The term Cuveé derives from the French word "cuve" meaning tank or vat. On wine labels it means a blend or batch. Our Cuveé Stephanie is a blend of 3 Pinot Noir grapes (Clones 115, 667, & 777) from 3 different vineyards and is 10% whole-cluster fermented. With all this going on, you know it's complex and believe us, it's absolutely deliclous! This blend is named for co-owner Stephanie Belmore-Schwartz, and it just so happens that the wine is a lot like her... it's bold, complex, sexy and absolutely delightful! Tasting Notes: Visual: Dark cherry sunburst Aromas: Initially cherry & raspberry with secondary notes of tart cherry, baking spices & herbs Taste: Baking

Rosé - WOM for September

SEPTEMBER'S WINE OF THE MONTH Rosé or blush wine is making a comeback these days and you'll understand why after trying one of ours! Light and refreshing, easy to drink and easy to pair with foods, Rosés are wonderful all year round. The traditional method of crafing rosé is to limit the amount of time the grape skins are in contact with the juice. Limiting the time also limits the amount of color that is extracted, thus producing a wine ligher in color and body. We make our Rosé from Pinot Noir grapes. In the U.S., other wine grape varietals often used include Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfindel. In Spain (where it's called "rosado"), Tempranillo & Garnarcha grapes are used

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